S T O R M .



Storm or Stormy was a nickname given to me, Nathan Walker, when I was a kid. As far back as I can remember basically everyone I know in Australia has refered to me as Storm. So much so that I remember sitting amongst my teammates and their parents when I was around 6 years old and my coach must have mentioned my actual name Nathan in a sentence and multiple parents at once said, "Whos Nathan?" 

I guess now the name is kind of self explanatory.

I'm Storm and I live in the great land down under.



I'm Nathan Walker and this is my wife Tayla and our beautiful daughter, Winta.

My family and I currently split our time between Australia and United States as I play Ice Hockey in St Louis Blue's organisation. When home in Australia you'll find us mostly outdoors at beaches, parks and restaurants (or home during lockdowns!) We spend as much time as we can with our extended family & friends which includes having weekend BBQ's and events. Not to mention I try to sneak in as many rounds of golf as I can too.

When we head home for the off-season many of our American friends forget we are actually heading home for the Winter, meaning we spend 99% of our time in a colder season. Fortunately for us, Australias 'Winter' has an average of 20+ degree Celsius days - its actually the best - great golfing weather.

When abroad in the US you'll find us at an ice rink. We move around a lot so I can't say which specific rink but definitely in a rink. Since being abroad we've lived in Ostrava Czech Republic then headed over to North America to Hershey PA, Washington DC, Edmonton AB (Canada), St. Louis MO, San Antonio TX (where little Winnie was born), Utica NY and about to head back to St Louis for the 2021 season. We are so blessed with the lifestyle we live since we get to experience so many amazing cities, some in which we probably would never have had the opportunity to travel to if it wasn't for hockey. We have formed some amazing friendships with people all over the world and for that we are truly grateful.